The Pixel Bureau

Effective design with personality

So how does this all work?

The design man

Information goes into your cerebral cortex...

his sponge like brain

...then emotion is generated in your amygdala...

with it's chemicals

...this releases endorphins which make you happy...

creating love

...which makes the customers come flooding in.

Latest projects

  • New brand and website to raise awareness for English and African charity. Link International goes live.

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  • I love cake. You love cake. We all love cake. Mr's L makes the most amazing cakes. I am in awe of these!

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Welcome to the Pixel Bureau

The Pixel Bureau offers a full range of design goodies, from web design to business cards to brands. With over a decade of experience working for local and international clients across a variety of sectors you can rest easy knowing your work is going to be just grand. The Pixel Bureau only does quality - there is no other way.

What my clients say...

"A good designer gives you what you want, a great designer gives you what you need’. We can’t recommend Alex highly enough and look forward to working with him on other projects in the future."

Chas, Ice Cubed